Path to Cypher Query tuning

What are the things to learn to be able to tune cypher queries

  1. Preparing for Query Tuning

  2. How queries work in Neo4j here

  3. Controlling Row Cardinality

  4. Neo4j Behind the Scenes

  5. Optimizing Property Access

  6. Node Degree Shortcuts

  7. Monitoring Running Queries

you should be able to:

  • Define the terms row and DB hit in the context of Cypher querying cypher-cardinality

  • Use EXPLAIN and PROFILE to identify weaknesses in a query plan

  • Use Cypher tools to minimize the number of rows processed in a query

  • Use best practices for minimizing property access

  • Use monitoring tools to identify the underlying causes of a long-running query 1 2

Resources to get learn the above topics